Thursday, January 20, 2022

Jason Arnold Announces Release of The Beginner’s Guide to Wine

Jason Murray Arnold published a new book, The Beginner’s Guide to Wine. It features ten chapters packed full of information on viticulture, oenology, and wine appreciation. It introduces the audience to wine starting with the rich heritage of wine production, and details all that goes into producing a quality example. From harvesting the grapes to fermentation, each step matters.  Some of the topics covered by the book include wine classification, styles, and regional differences. 

Before one can be considered a genuine wine connoisseur, he must understand the proper way to enjoy wine, follow wine tasting etiquette, and education himself on the many varieties. The Beginner’s Guide to wine covers all of this and more. It’ll take the reader through a detailed description of the Old World wine producing regions of Europe and uncover modern winemaking innovations in the America’s.  By the time the reader reaches the last page, he’ll have a grasp of the terminology surrounding viticulture and oenology.

The Beginner’s Guide to WineWith more than 8,000 different grapes in the world, it’s important for wine consumers to understand how to select an appropriate style and vintage. In The Beginner’s Guide to Wine, Jason Arnold explains in simple, clear language how to make the right selection for any occasion. He breaks down the complex world of wine so that it can be easily understood and appreciated by all.

“For me, at least, I find human history in every glass,” writes Jason Arnold. He says, “Winemaking is such a fascinating process, one that most people know little about. My hope is that they’ll read this book and come away with a greater appreciation for wine.”

The Beginner’s Guide to Wine is available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle editions. To read more about the book or to order, visit


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