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Benidorm Club Owners And Bar Staff Protest Against Coronavirus Restrictions

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Club Owners in Benidorm are worried that COVID-19 Could Force Them To Close


More than 1,000 Bar staff and club owners took to the streets in Benidorm to protest againt the New COVID-19 restrictions that have been put in place. Benidorm Club owners are warning the Government that jobs will be lost, and some clubs could be forced to close.

Benidorm is heading towards a slippery slop according to one woman who works at a popular bar in Benidorm.

The female bar staff who did not wished to be named has called Benidorm her home for more than five years and has worked in three bars during that time. She fears she may be forced to return to the UK with the new COVID-19 restrictions.

“I am here today protesting because my job and future is at risk. I could be forced to return to the UK. The new COVID-19 rules and restrictions could damage Benidorm for years to come.”

benidorm protest covid 19Clubs and bars have been forced to close in the evenings to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. According to one club owner we spoke to, the restrictions in Benidorm are unnecessary and could result in Benidorm becoming a ghost town when the pandemic is over.

It is not just bar staff and club owners that have been affected by COVID-19, Benidorm’s top tribute acts and artists have also been affected. Most of the entertainment team in Benidorm have not worked for more than five-months.

Benidorm has seen a huge drop in the number of UK Holidaymakers due to the UK government’s decision that anyone visiting Benidorm must go in quarantine for 14-days. This has caused a huge number of job  loses and has event resulted in a number of ex-pats returning to the UK.

benidorm covid 19Spain has seen an increase in the number of COVID-19 cases which has been blamed on people aged between 15-34 who are ignoring the social distancing rules.

According to an ex-pat in Benidorm more than 100 people who live and work in the Costa Blanca resort have returned to the UK due to the Coronavirus. She believes that many more could return unless the restrictions are removed.

Restaurants, bars, and clubs have not been forced to close at 1am.


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