Wednesday, May 25, 2022

KLM Plane Diverts To Heathrow After Suspicious Death Of Passenger

A KLM plane on route to Amsterdam from Lima was diverted to Heathrow Airport after a passenger died in suspicious circumstances.

The KLM Boeing 777 plane landed at Heathrow airport at around 2.15, where it was met by paramedics who declared the man who is said to be in his 30s or 40s, dead at the scene.

Passengers were kept on board the plane at Heathrow airport for around five hours before they were allowed to leave.

  ‘Police Treat Death On Board KLM Plane As Suspicious’


John Hopwood a nurse from Manchester who was on board the plane and sat six rows behind the passenger who died explained that passengers were kept on board for five hours before police declared the aircraft as a crime scene. The Manchester nurse also said that a policeman said the death was being treated as suspicious.

According to John Hopwood: “The police officer said they were bringing a forensics team over from the other side of London.”

“We did ask why it took so long for it to be designated as a crime scene. We were kept on the plane for five hours and during that time people would have been walking past the seat where the passenger was.”

“People are confused about why it took so long. There are a lot of Latin American people who still have not reached the end of very long journeys, and who were unhappy because there was no one to properly translate what was going on.”

A spokesman for the Metropolitan police confirmed that an investigation was under way into the death of the passenger.


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