Sabrina Culver Is Fast Becoming the Most Sought out Actress in Hollywood


sabrina1Sabrina Culver is taking risks and it’s paying off. Her last movie “Removed” became a viral phenomenon and everyone took notice. It dealt with the sensitive relationships between foster children and adoptive parents. However, Sabrina Culver is not a newcomer to Hollywood. She has been in blockbuster Hollywood movies and award winning TV shows like “Bruce Almighty”, “NYPD Blue” “CSI” and “Six Feet Under” to name only a few.

With the success of “Removed” critics and fans are salivating over “Addicted”. A movie that deals with the very real condition of love addiction. She will also be co-starring in “The Remake” with Larry King, Kally Kellerman and more. In addition, to a webseries she is starring in and the highly anticipated teenage angst film “The Toy Soldiers”. It is obvious that Hollywood and the World wants more of Sabrina Culver.

Her talents go beyond the big screen. She has studied classical piano since being a young girl in Ohio. In addition, she has been trained in theater and has performed on stage throughout her school years and beyond. Being a musical theater major, she has honed her voice into a finely tuned machine. With the combination of her acting ability, musical ability, her outstanding writing, producing and her ability to mold herself into any character, it is no wonder that her resume is being filled with larger and larger movie roles.

Film reviewers are saying it will not be long before Sabrina Culver becomes a leading lady, and with her talents on the big and small screen, her fans totally agree.

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By Diane Walker