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Robert Pattinson Does Not Get On With Spiderman Actor

British actors Andrew Garfield and Robert Pattinson cannot stand each other according to reports.

It seems strange that two of the UK hottest actors cannot stand each other but it seems Spiderman actor Andrew Garfield and Twilight actor Robert Pattinson cannot stand to be in the same room as each other.

According to sources, Spiderman actor Andrew Garfield gets annoyed when he is compared to Robert Pattinson. The source said that Andrew Garfield is an actor in his own right and cannot understand why he is being compared to the Twilight actor

A source told US Weekly: “The truth is, Andrew can’t stand Rob,” An insider tells US Weekly. “Andrew hates that they're put in the same category because they're both English and around the same age.”

Sources Claim Robert Pattinson Is Jealous Of Andrew Garfield

It is also claimed that there is some jealously going over Andrew Garfield, 28, getting the role of Spiderman which some sources are claiming Robert Pattinson, 26, would have loved to have had the role.

The source said: “Both like intense parts and go after the same roles, they're just naturally competitive.”

It has been claimed that Andrew Garfield sees Robert Pattinson as cheesy actor while he sees himself as a serious actor.

Looks like handbags at dawn if the two ever get into the same room

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