Pool Patch LLC Introduce Sweep Fins For The Hayward Pool Vac


Have you got a good quality vacuum and sweeping system for your swimming pool, making sure your pool stays clean all the time.


Thomas Lopez the owner of Pool Patch LLC from Phoenix, Arizona a swimming pool innovations company that specializes in manufacturing an array of unique pool related items would like to introduce you to Sweep Fins, which replaces the existing OEM part known as the Hayward Pool Vac Wings on the popular pool cleaner, Hayward Pool Vac.


The sweep Fins is an alternative to the OEM allowing increased efficiency when the vacuum comes into close contact with the bottom of the pool.


 “Common vacuums seem to go everywhere in the pool but across the bottom. Those that do stay on the bottom do not adequately make contact, and this results in poor efficiency,” said Thomas Lopez, inventor of the Sweep Fins and the Pool Patch, the Hayward ™ Pool Vac Wings keep the vacuum in close contact with the pool bottom for increased efficiency.


Swimming pools can become dirty very quickly and a pool vacuum needs to clean the pool but the vacuum only sucks the loose debris, which leaves the rest of the trash and algae behind. This can over time stain the bottom of the pool and this is where the Sweep Finn comes in.


The Sweep Finn has a revolutionary fit to help fight both algae and trash


“My Sweep Fin holds the vacuum in close contact with the pool surface, but it also has polyamide bristles, which help remove surface stains and algae from the pool,” said Lopez.


The Sweep Finn makes the pool cleaner and safer for swimmers making it a must buy for anyone who uses a vacuum for cleaning their swimming pool


Lopez Sweep Fins are available at the Home Depot™ and other fine retailers. Visit the website for dealer locations.


Learn more about the product here

http://www.homedepot.com/p/Sweep-Fins-Pool- Vac-Wing-Left-and-Right-Replacement-Kit-SFBK/204506744