Parking Fines Could Help Children Eat Healthy Meals To Beat Obesity Says Amazing Core Fitness


Child obesity has more than doubled in thirty years in America, causing America to have one of the biggest child obesity problems in the world. According to health experts, currently there are 60 percent of adults who are overweight, and 27.7 of them are obese, this figure will increase by a huge amount within five years with overweight children becoming adults.


One of the biggest problems with child obesity is the lack of healthy food. With the troubled economy and parents struggling financially, many families cannot afford to eat healthy food. This is why Amazing Core Fitness, the company behind the resistance loop bands that help adults to lose weight, would like to see revenue from traffic fines put into schemes to help children eat healthy meals.


Medical experts have warned children who are overweight or obese have a higher risk of developing serious health issues which include, Type 2 diabetes, depression, heart problems and some forms of cancer. Health experts have warned parents they need to encourage their children to eat healthy foods and to exercise to reduce serious health issues.


Amazing Core Fitness, who helps adults to lose weight with their resistance loop bands (Amazon priced from $16.99, would like to a large portion of traffic fine revenue help children to east healthy meals. By using the revenue, it will allow children whose parents cannot afford to buy health meals, to eat healthy in schools by providing free healthy meals.


The fitness experts would also like to see parents encourage their children to get out of the house more and exercise on a regular basis by running around or playing sports. By exercising on a regular basis, a child can lose weight and avoid obesity health problems.




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By Diane Walker