Overweight Women Are At Risk of Type 2 Diabetes Says Amazing Core Fitness


Around the world there are 2.8 million people who die each year through obesity-related illnesses, this figure could be reduced if people exercised says the World Health Organization. The problem has become so serious; nearly as many people each year die from obesity than they do from smoking related illnesses. A large percentage of these people who die from obesity are women, and Amazing Core Fitness want to change this.


In America, there are over 60 percent of adults who are overweight, 27.7 of them are obese and according to the latest figures, one in five-deaths in America are as a result of obesity-related illness. Amazing Core Fitness, the health experts behind the resistance loop bands that help adults to become slimmer in their own home, would like to see the obesity figure reduced.


When a woman is overweight or obese, she stands a higher risk of developing serious health issues, which include Type 2 diabetes, heart problems, depression and some forms of cancer. However, by exercising 20 minutes a day which can be done in their own home using the resistance loop bands, a woman can reduce the risk of developing serious health issues by losing weight.



The resistance loop bands which allow women to exercise in their own home without the use of expensive gym equipment and weights have proven such a huge success, fitness instructors are using them for their female clients.



Amazing Core Fitness has seen a huge increase in the number of women in America who are buying their resistance loop bands priced just $6.99 (http://www.amazon.com/Amazing-Core-Fitness-Resistance-Strengthening/dp/B00J6EIKEE). With all the positive reviews of how resistance loop bands are helping adults to lose weight, they have become a huge seller on Amazon. A spokesman for the resistance loop bands would like to see even more women buy their product and exercise in their own home to avoid serious Heart Disease problems that are caused through obesity and being overweight.




A spokesman from Amazing Core Fitness said: “It is important that women start to exercise each day to lose weight and avoid serious health issues. By regular exercise, they can become slimmer and healthy.”



Amazing Core Fitness Resistance Loop Bands are Premium Set of 4-Resistance Exercise Bands that allow a man or woman to exercise at home and have a full workout for weight loss without using weights. With the resistance loop bands being portable, they can be used anywhere and can even be taken on vacation. With the incredible stories of the amount of weight people have lost with the resistance loop bands, they have become one of the best products for weight loss.



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By Diane Walker