ONE CARD helping mobile phone owners to keep their devices fully charged


Low Battery Stress Disorder – it’s a condition affecting millions of smartphone and tablet users all around the world. The “Low Battery” notification starts blinking, and before anyone knows it, people start looking aimlessly for a charger, computer, or AC outlets.


ONE CARD solves Smartphone and Tablet low battery issues – and with the help of Indiegogo (, consumers can say goodbye to low battery problems. The powerful ONE CARD mobile charging device is now available through Indiegogo for just $12 – a discount of up to 70% off the regular price.

Unlike many other card chargers, the ONE CARD does not distinguish between iPhone or Android users; it can connect to both. What’s more, it’s so light and thin that it can fit neatly in wallets, and be held onto the back of the phone to charge while talking or walking.
The ONE CARD is perfect for the extended use and delight of every tablet and smartphone user. It is thin enough, light enough, and compact enough to fit in a wallet. It’s also versatile; with the pull-out connection, a person can easily hold it on the back of their phone so that it can charge while a person is walking around or talking on the phone.  It’s also very powerful. The dense lithium battery has 2-4 times the power of all other card shaped chargers. It can charge a phone or tablet up to 100% capacity at 1% per minute. As an added convenience, it automatically begins to charge when it is plugged in.


Very few phones have removable batteries. Plus, most battery cases have long cables, are bulky, and change the look of the design, making them inconvenient and not aesthetically pleasing. Plus, many charge cards only charge a phone by 25% to 40% – nowhere near the 100% charge one can attain with the ONE CARD.


As an added bonus, anyone can personalize their ONE CARD – they can include anything from a personal message to a school mascot to a company logo.


Everyone who orders a ONE CARD through Indiegogo can expect to receive theirs just in time for the holiday season. Plus, multiple chargers can be added for a great value; for only $28 a person can get a two-pack of cards.


To learn more about the One Card Thin Charger and to receive the product with a discount of up to 70%, please visit