Obesity Is Damaging America Says Amazing Core Fitness


A new report has declared that Missouri is the 17th most obese state in America, showing that obesity is winning that battle. According to Amazing Core Fitness, we can still become a healthy country if people exercised at least thirty minutes a day.


People in Missouri were shocked when the report came out announcing they lived in the 17th most obese state in the country. The report which was published by the Trust for America’s Health has said obesity threatens the future of America and Amazing Core Fitness who sell the popular Resistance Core Bands priced just $16.99 to help people to lose weight in their own home agrees that obesity has become a serious issue for the American people.


The report has stated that obesity has increased by 80 percent over the last 24 years leaving the current rate of obesity in adults at 29.6 percent, which is up from 23.6 percent


According to this report, the obesity rate in Missouri has increased 80 percent over the last 24 years. Missouri’s adult obesity rate is currently 29.6 percent, up from 23.6 percent in 2003 and from 11.3 percent in 1990.


Obesity has long been associated with severe health problems, including diabetes and high blood pressure. In 1995, Missouri had a diabetes rate of 5.7 percent. Now (2012 data) the diabetes rate is 10.7 percent. Fifteen years ago, Missouri had a hypertension rate of 23.9 percent, now (2011 data) the rate is 34.3 percent.


A spokesman for Amazing Core Fitness said the obesity problem is not just affecting the people of America. He said: “In Plymouth in the United Kingdom over 60 percent of adults are obese which is double the number than the obesity in Missouri. If people exercise at least thirty minutes each day then they can become healthy and slimmer and beat the obesity battle.”


Obesity in Missouri is costing $1.9 billion but health experts have said this figure can easily rise unless something is done to beat the weight loss problem.


Amazing Core Fitness would like to see more people exercise and by using the Resistance Core Bands priced at just $16.99 men and women no matter fitness level they are at can exercise in the comfort of their own home and lose weight.