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Coronation Street Paul Racist Remark Makes His Life Hell

coronation street paul racist


Fireman Paul feels he has done nothing wrong but Lloyd thinks different and so does the rest of the residents of Coronation Street. Paul wants an apology from Lloyd for calling a racist but Lloyd is refusing to say sorry leaving Eileen to drag him home and have serious words with him.


Lloyd explains to Steve why the racist remark by Paul has upset him so much. He tells Steve about all the racial abuse he has suffered over the years leaving Steve shocked.


Meanwhile down on Coronation Street, Steve places a bet at the bookies leaving Peter worried that he could leave a fortune if the bet wins.


Also down on Coronation Street Katy wants to get back with Chesney and throws herself on his mercy. She tells him how sorry she was for cheating on him and says it was a huge mistake but will Chesney forgive her or has he finally moved on?

By Diane Walker

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