Naughty Store Wants To Know Is Cyber Sex Really Classed As Cheating


computerThe naughty store the online lingerie store that offers lingerie at discount prices wants to know what you would do if you caught your man having cyber sex. In recent years we have seen a number of celebrities being caught out having cyber sex and, the popular online lingerie store would like to know how a woman would feel if they caught their man having cyber sex? Is cyber sex just a little bit of fun or is it as serious as cheating on your partner.


In2town Magazine did a survey last year to find out how many women felt thought a man looking through a pornographic magazine was classed as cheating and the results were only 6 per cent felt looking through an adult magazine was classed as cheating. Surprisingly when they asked how women felt about a man watching a adult film, only 8 per cent of women said they would object to their partner watching the film, however when we asked about cyber sex, 76 per cent of women said they would never forgive their man and did class it as cheating and would end the relationship.


So if we look at the results from the survey, only 6 per cent of women thought a man reading an adult magazine was a betrayal and only 8 per cent of women felt cheated if their man watched an adult film but when it came to cyber sex, 76 per cent of women said they would serious consider ending their relationship as they said they would feel the same as they would if their partner went out and had an affair.


According to relationship experts the reason why women would feel cheated and betrayed if a man had cyber sex compared to watching an adult film was due to the communication between two people. Watching a film or reading an adult magazine does not require any contact with a second person whereas cyber sex is intimate communication between two people the same as it would be if you were in the same room.


So looking at the survey, do men understand that even though they are not in the same room as the woman they are having cyber sex with, their partner would still class it as cheating and they could be putting their marriage or relationship in danger?


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