Low Cost Press Release Writing And Distribution Service Launched From Five Dollars

Low Cost press release service
Low Cost press release service
Low Cost press release service

A new low cost press release writing and distribution service has been launched by a popular online marketing and public relations agency from $10. The low cost press release writing service has been launched to help small business owners achieve success.


A public relations and marketing agency has today launched a new service that provides small businesses with a low cost press release writing and distribution service from $5. The marketing experts launched the service to help struggling small business owners who could not afford the high fees of a press release writing service. (http://www.peopleperhour.com/hourlie/write-you-a-400-word-press-release-which-can-include-distribution/176551)

With the present economic climate small business owners are struggling to afford promotional services, which includes promoting their business online. Unfortunately small business owners are caught in a catch 22 position where they need more customers but cannot afford to pay for the promotion. With the low cost press release service, which can include the press release being distributed through PR BUZZ, small businesses can gain the brand promotion they need.

The low cost press release service was launched after the company behind the service spoken to a large number of small business owners. They found the same story of small businesses struggling to survive due to the high cost of online promotion. Now thanks to the low cost marketing service through a press release, small business owners can now drive traffic to their website and increase sales.

The public relations team and marketing team will write the press release in a way to grab the attention of the potential customer. The press release can then be distributed through PR BUZZ, which puts the press release on thousands of sites to help get the promotional message out there.

Benefits of a press release for an online business website

  1. Instant Visibility2. Trust and Branding

    3. Gain publicity


Press releases have become an important part of online marketing. With more
people now shopping online and accessing the Internet through different methods including mobile phones, business owners have come to understand how important online marketing is.


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