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Holidaymakers Ignore The Importance of Travel Insurance According To Survey

Travel insurance is one of the last things we think about when we book our summer holiday but according to a recent survey, some of us do not even think about it and do not take out travel insurance.

According to a survey by Hiscox a UK insurance provider, a lot of holidaymakers who go abroad are not properly insured, the research has found that as many as 19 per cent of us do not take out travel insurance when they travel abroad to countries such as Spain, Italy and America.

The study also found that we do not really take much notice of the type of insurance we purchase when we go on holiday. According to the travel insurance study, 18 per cent believe their travel agent or airline will give them compensation if their flight is cancelled while 26 per cent believe their bank would act as a type of travel insurance if their flight was cancelled.

Colin Wallace, the company insurance expert, said, ‘Recent changes in the rules governing the sales of holidays have further strengthened consumer protection. However understanding what you are covered for can become confusing and there is a worrying degree of complacency when it comes to Britons making sure that they have the right travel insurance, or indeed any cover at all.

Taking the time to think through your travel plans and what type of cover you need can help take the stress out of travel.

Comprehensive travel insurance, such as the Hiscox policy, should cover you for eventualities that you may not always be aware of, such as the financial failure of a flight or other travel service disruption.’

Travel experts want travel agents to make sure their customers have travel insurance before they book a holiday and would like to see the travel agents make sure they have the correct insurance as the wrong type of insurance could cost them thousands if they are taken ill on holiday.

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