Hypnotherapy Can Boost Self Confidence


confidence1Self Confidence Can Be Boosted By Hypnotherapy according to health experts. Once you get past the notion of swirling concentric circles and gold watches being waved in front of your face, it becomes easier to understand that you may need more self confidence and hypnosis can help you get it. By removing the mental barriers often hiding your assertiveness you can demonstrate the self confidence with which everyone is born.

Everyone has self confidence when they arrive in the world, but as they grow older outside influences tend to chip away it until, in some extreme cases, the person even doubts their ability to speak their own name. Others may overcompensate for a lack of self confidence and hypnosis can also help them.

While the theory of hypnotism being able to change someone’s actions and thoughts has long ago been disproved, the ability to plant a suggestion into someone’s subconscious mind as to what they would like to be and to change how they appear to themselves is one method of increasing self confidence and hypnosis can play a major role.

Remove Obstacles Hiding Reality


A lot of people believe that self-hypnosis involves staring into a mirror and telling yourself something repeatedly until you begin to believe it to be the truth. Self-hypnosis, which seeming to be that easy, is really closer to daydreaming. There are varied techniques to achieve self-hypnosis but for the novice hoping to improve their self confidence and hypnosis is new, finding an expert source for your materials is probably your best bet.

It will require more than just instilling the thought that you are self confident and that you can be assertive. You must remove the reasons for your lack of self confidence and hypnosis can plant the more positive suggestions to remove the negative ones. Similar to people wanting to quit smoking, the suggestion is planted in the subconscious that the person is not a smoker and when the conscious reaches for a cigarette, the subconscious will question the motive.

Undergoing self-hypnosis does not require you to sit with circles in your eyes or your arms held out in front of walking stiff legged. It  really involves little more than something you have probably already done. Sitting in front of your computer with head back, eyes closed like you are daydreaming. That’s about all there is to it on your part. Of course, boosting your self confidence and hypnosis tolerance will usually take more than one self-hypnosis session, but you are able to do this in your own home and at your leisure.


By Diane Walker