Healthy Living Tips and Tricks


As our society becomes increasingly advanced, particularly in the area of technology, we seem to have less and less time for ourselves. Our lives are packed from morning to night with appointments, tasks, errands and a multitude of other pursuits. Yet the more hectic the pace, the more vital it becomes for each of us to devote some time each day to advancing our own health and well being.


Personal time need not be structured nor does it have to be the same every day. It is important, however, that we set aside time for ourselves. This is not a selfish activity. Rather, it is the best way to ensure that we can continue to function at our best.


Tips for self time
•Pack some fruit or energy bars and spend your lunch time walking and eating your fruit.
•Set your alarm for a few minutes earlier and enjoy the sunrise; spend a few minutes in quiet
•Use the time spent at stoplights, in waiting rooms and so forth, to do mini-exercises such as
stretching, isometrics, deep breathing and the like.
•Realize that you are in control of your life. If you don’t have time for yourself, you are the reason.
Learn to set your limits.


Tips for self care
•Keep a supply of nuts and fruit available for small snacks when you’re out and about rather than stopping for fast food.
•Eat several mini-meals throughout the day and don’t starve yourself.
•Accept yourself for the person that you are; realize that you are doing the best you can and don’t participate in self-directed negativity or harshness.
•Refuse to listen to naysayers, even if it means distancing yourself from family. Surround yourself with people who love you as you are.
•Make sure you have at least one good friend in whom you can confide. Research has shown that having just one or two close friends can contribute to longevity and better health.
•Stay on top of your health. Keeping your blood pressure in line is essential. Stroke is one of the leading causes of death in the U.S.
•Learn yoga and meditation. Meditation has both physiological and psychological benefits. Yoga has been shown to reduce stress and lower blood pressure.
•Practice portion control. Eating just one or two bites less than what you want can help you lose a few pounds without strenuous dieting.
•Be sure to allow enough time for sleep. Lack of sleep causes the body to produce cortisol, which can contribute to weight gain. Lack of sleep also contributes to high blood pressure and places additional stress on all the body systems.


Use aromatherapy and candles
•Aromatherapy has proven health benefits. Essential oils possess benefits ranging from calming to energizing and can be particularly beneficial to the nervous system.
•Buy candles scented with essential oils and burn them throughout your home. Be sure to use compatible oils; don’t burn candles that are infused with competing oils.
•Be sure to use candles that are infused with essential oils rather than using scented candles.
•Buy good quality candles. Many candles are now made with soy wax rather than paraffin, which is a petroleum product.

The most important part of healthy living is to love yourself and love those around you. Realize that your Creator made you in his image and that you are who you were designed to be. When we love and accept ourselves, we are well on the way to healthy living.


Ben Sawyer had some serious health issues before he decided to adopt simple but powerful rules of healthy living. He has a lot less stress now, thanks to the tips he described in this article. He is eating healthy food, practice yoga three times a week and also use aromatherapy with candles scented with essential oils. He lives in Long Island, New York, often blogging about health and fitness topics.