Exercise At Home Helps Beat Obesity Says Amazing Core Fitness


Every time people open a newspaper they see articles on obesity and how being overweight can cause people serious health issues. However, it seems even though more people are now dying from obesity and more people are developing serious health issues, as a result of being overweight, the message is not getting through how serious being overweight is. Amazing Core Fitness has launched a campaign to get the message to people how important exercise is to a person’s health.

In America there are over 60 percent of adults who are overweight, 27.7 of them are classed as being obese. This means 60 percent of adults are at a higher risk of serious health problems, which includes Type 2 diabetes, depression and some forms of cancer, while 27.7 percent of adults are at a serious risk of these health issues.

Amazing Core Fitness, who helps adults to lose weight with their resistance loop bands (Amazon priced from $16.99 http://www.amazon.com/Amazing-Core-Fitness-Resistance-Strengthening/dp/B00J6EIKEE), want to get the message through that 20 minutes of exercise each day can help people become slimmer and avoid serious health issues.

One thing that puts people off from exercising according to research is the cost. A lot of people feel exercising is expensive, believing they have to join a gym to exercise and lose weight. However, people who wish to lose weight do not have to join expensive gyms, for just $16.99 they can receive a full body workout within their own home by using the resistance loop bands.

Amazing Core Fitness, who have seen their sales of resistance loop bands increase with men and women wanting to lose weight (Amazon priced from $16.99 http://www.amazon.com/Amazing-Core-Fitness-Resistance-Strengthening/dp/B00J6EIKEE), have said men and women can spend 20 minutes a day in their own home exercising and can become slimmer and healthier.

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