Dr Donald W Kress Talks To In2town About His Book Trust Me I’m a Plastic Surgeon


In the United States, over $11 billion is spent each year on face lifts, Botox, and breast augmentations. Unlike popular belief, it is not just woman who spend money on plastic surgery and improvements. According to reports, more and men are turning to surgery and techniques to improve their body.


The increase in the spend on plastic surgery and other body improvement techniques are being blamed on the celebrity culture. Many people turn to plastic surgery, Botox and other techniques because they have read about well-known celebrities having work done; other people turn to a plastic surgeon to look like their favourite celebrity.


Many plastic surgeons are worried about the reasons some people turn to surgery while others are concerned about the high numbers of people who travel abroad to reduce the cost on body improvement techniques. Each year thousands of men and women are travelling abroad to poorer countries to have plastic surgery done. However, this has caused some serious problems. Many people who have plastic surgery abroad, have had to pay more money when back home in America to have the mistakes rectified, while others have suffered serious complications.


Professional Plastic Surgeons are warning people not to have plastic surgery abroad to save on cost, but it is not just abroad where the dangers of plastic surgery scams and bad plastic surgery practice happen. There are many pitfalls that can happen with plastic surgery, and that is why it is important to do research when considering undergoing any procedure. One person who wants to get the message across about being safe when looking to undergo plastic surgery is a well-known plastic surgery and author, Dr. Donald W. Kress.


Dr. Donald W. Kress has written a book titled Trust Me I’m a Plastic Surgeon, to help people understand about the scams and the dangers that can come with plastic surgery. The book that has already become a best seller on Amazon was written to help people have plastic surgery in a safe manner and to avoid the scams that do happen.


In2town Lifestyle magazine decided to get together with Dr. Donald W. Kress, and talk about the world of plastic surgery and the steps that should be taken to stay safe. This interview has been provided free of charge for magazines and blogs to publish


How important is it to do your research before hiring the services of a plastic surgeon? No one is protecting you from deceptive and dishonest doctors. You MUST do it yourself.


Plastic Surgery done well, can reverse nature’s lapses and restore damage from age, accident, birth defect, childbirth or weight indiscretions.  It can restore function; enhance beauty, pride and self-confidence.  It can fulfil dreams and change lives.

Plastic Surgery, done poorly, can cause; deformity, embarrassment, humiliation, prolonged disability, financial hardship, irreparable damage, or death.


What advice would you give to someone who was thinking of having a breast enlargement?

Qualify your doctor. The average plastic surgeon does less than 10 breast enlargements a year. The good ones are in the hundreds.  Many surgeons who recommend saline implants do so because they haven’t learned to use the newer and improved cohesive gel implants. Your surgeon should offer choices and explanations of why you could choose one over the other.  If you’ve had a few children and your breasts are “deflated” find a doc who knows how to do subfascial placement. (Very common in South America, still uncommon in the US)


Do you feel it is wrong when a person has plastic surgery to look like their idol?

If a patient shows me a picture of their idol and tells me they like the look of their nose or chin or whatever, that is helpful in understanding their aesthetic. If they ask to be turned into their idol, I suggest psychological counselling.


A lot of female celebrities have encouraged young woman to have a breast implant, do you feel celebrities should become better role models when it comes to plastic surgery?

There are a few celebrities who have made an effort to give good plastic surgery advice. I thin most just want attention.


If have written a book on plastic surgery called Trust Me I’m A Plastic Surgeon, what was the reason behind the book?

Over my 30+ years of practice, I’ve witnessed a steady increase in patients needing help for bad or unethical plastic surgery. I wrote the book to give them the information they need to protect themselves and have a positive experience.


Do you feel the field of plastic surgery should be better monitored and controlled?

Of course, but it is a challenging problem. The medical specialty boards and states are trying, but they can only respond to complaints and most injured patients don’t complain. Like the non-licensed practitioner in Florida who was augmenting buttocks in hotel rooms with fix-a-flat. After two deaths, Florida investigated and discovered dozens of other injured patients who never reported them.


How can your book help a person who is thinking of having plastic surgery?

Understanding medical education, board certification, medical societies

Qualifying a Doctor

Understanding surgical facilities, how they work and how you can be injured.

How you make decisions and how unscrupulous doctors can influence you.

Understanding the procedures, the real benefits and risks involved.

The unhappy patient, why, what to do, how to get help.


You have people come from all over the country for your services as a plastic surgeon, why do you feel this is?

I have a straight-forward meticulously honest approach to problems. Perhaps that encourages people to realize they can trust me.


As well as being an author, you still provide plastic surgery procedures, so can we ask you, what happens when a person needs plastic surgery but cannot afford it, is there finance options available?

By definition, no one “needs” cosmetic surgery. Those who “want” it have a variety of financing options. For those who need reconstructive surgery there are also a lot of options. Many plastic surgeons will do some of these without charge; there are also the training programs and institutions where surgery can be done at a greatly reduced cost or pro bono.


What are some of the reasons why a person would choose to have plastic surgery?

On the reconstructive side: To achieve “normal”. A really interesting study done with patients who have significant deformities concluded that what these patients really want is anonymity.


On the cosmetic side: Patients want self-confidence. It can come in the form of: I want to look younger so I get a promotion, I want to look better if I’m going to start dating again, I want my husband to appreciate me, I want to feel good on the beach… and hundreds more just like that.


To learn more about the book, Trust Me I’m a Plastic Surgeon, please visit  Amazon.com at http://www.amazon.com/Trust-Me-Im-Plastic-Surgeon/product-reviews/162865001X/ref=dpx_acr_txt?showViewpoints=1 now.