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Cheap Flights Airline Flybe Drop Credit Card Charges

Benidorm News. For a long time now passengers travelling with cheap flights airlines have been complaining about having to pay a fee for using their debit cards to pay for flights but now it seems the popular cheap flights airline Flybe, which is one of Europe’s largest regional carrier says it has listened. The low cost airline has said it has listened to its passengers and has decided to get rid of the £9 flat fee passengers had to pay for using their debit cards and from today there will be no charge. The airline has said this is part of its fair, open and transparent approach to sales and service policies which is great news for Flybe customers.


'Benidorm Passengers No Longer Have To Pay Debit Card Fees With Flybe'

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Although this will reduce profits for Flybe where each passenger earned the cheap flights airline an average of £4.50, the UK managing director of Flybe, Andrew Strong, said he thought it was a great and fair thing to do for our passengers. He also told the Independent: "I’m not looking to put up fares to offset the removal. People will choose us because we offer a better product."

With the removal of the debit card charges, this will allow passenger to fly with Flybe at a cheaper rate which the airline hopes will generate new customers, but this move could now upset other airlines who still have the debit card charge in place and hopefully could force them to drop their charges as well.


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The Office of Fair Trading is currently considering legal action against travel companies that refuse to scrap the debit card charges. The OFT said: "If individual traders do not make changes we consider sufficient in a timely manner, we will consider enforcement action to ensure compliance".

The two UK leaders in cheap flights, Easyjet and Ryanair have said they have no plans to drop their debit card charges with Ryanair collecting £6 per passenger but some experts believe they may have a change of mind after the OFT said they were looking into the charges and now with Flybe dropping their credit card charges.


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