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AA Says Full Tank Of Petrol Could Go Down By £10

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  • The price of filling a car could go down by as much as ten pounds in the next two weeks according to the AA


While the people in Lincolnshire have been struggling with the cost of living and the increase in petrol price, according to the AA things could be improving at the fuel pumps.

Some garages in Skegness, Boston, Lincoln, Grimsby, and Scunthorpe have reduced the cost of petrol with some petrol stations charging £188.76. Even though petrol has slightly come down in price, people are still paying more than £100 to fill their petrol tank.

The AA have now announced that petrol prices could start to come down further in price and within the next two weeks drivers could be paying ten pounds less to fill their tanks. If this does happen, then this will be good news for transport companies as well as those who rely on their car for work and school runs.

Although the high petrol prices are blamed on the war in Ukraine and sanctions on Russian oil, some people are asking why the prices of petrol never went down in price after the recent HGV crises.

When petrol companies were struggling to supply petrol stations with fuel the price of petrol swiftly increased. However, once the shortage of HGV drivers was resolved the price of petrol did not go down to their normal price.

Luke Bosdet, the AA’s fuel price spokesman, says a fall in price could follow – but it would be down to the fuel trade passing savings on to the customer.

He said: “Wholesale petrol’s trajectory, if sustained, would lead to savings of a tenner off a tank from the record highs, providing the fuel trade is prepared to pass them on.”

Transport companies have called on the Government to do more to fight the crisis with the high cost of fuel. However, many believe the Government are sitting on their hands while haulage companies and small businesses are struggling to survive.

The Liberal Democrats wants an emergency cut in VAT, reducing the charge from 20% to 17.5%.

With the high cost of fuel more people are now ditching their cars for work and either turning to car sharing or pedal power to save money.


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