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How To Wash Clothes During Covid-19 Pandemic?

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  • London Laundry expert explains how to make sure children’s uniforms are COVID-19 free.
  • How to wash clothes during the UK coronavirus pandemic
  • Tips on washing work clothes during COVID-19 pandemic


With more than 4,00 Coronavirus cases being reported each day and a second wave looming, parents and those going to work are worried about how to wash their clothes and how to make sure children’s uniforms are COVID-19 free.

With experts claiming that coronavirus can stay on fabrics for up to three days, school uniforms, work clothes, and everyday clothes could become a serious threat and a major carrier of COVID. With that information, it is important to introduce a washing routine to protect families from the virus and correctly wash clothes.

When it comes to washing clothes, according to experts it is important to understand the difference between cleaning clothes and disinfecting them. Cleaning means the removal of dirt and germs while disinfecting involves the use of chemicals to avoid the spread of those germs and viruses. By disinfecting, it can kill a high percentage of germs and avoid them from reproducing.

Laundry experts believe parents should disinfect their children’s uniforms while those going out to work in a busy environment should also disinfect their workwear.

Speaking exclusively to In2town Lifestyle Magazine, London Dry Cleaners Laundry Lab said that those parents who can afford it should have more than one school uniform for their children while those that don’t should clean them each day after school.

The spokesman for the London cleaning company also recommended that those going out to work should have a separate uniform and spare set of work clothes.

“If you work in a supermarket or another environment where you are required to wear a uniform then it is important to speak to your manager and request a spare set of uniforms to combat the spread of COVID-19. For those who don’t wear a uniform, it is as important to have a spare set of clothes to wear to avoid the dangers of COVID-19 that can be caused by the virus attaching itself to clothes and fabrics.”

It is important for parents and those going to work to follow the fabric care instructions on the clothes. When it comes to drying clothes, it is important not to hang the clothes on a washing line or over a chair, and instead use a tumble dryer.


Tips On Washing Work Uniforms To Stop COVID-19


If you can, you should go to work in normal clothes and then change into your uniform while at work. The best way to carry your uniform to work is by using a plastic bag. Once you have finished work you should then change into your normal clothes and take home your uniform in a plastic bag.


Washing Working Uniforms During Coronavirus Pandemic


Do not wash your work uniform with any other clothing items. It is important that you wash your clothes separately and not with any other washing you may have.

Follow the label to see the temperature that the clothes should be washed at

Do not dry your uniform over a chair. You must use a tumble dryer and not a washing machine.

If you wear shoes for work, then wipe them down with disinfectant.

If you wear trainers to work, then you can either use disinfectant to wipe them down or put your trainers in the washing machine inside a pillow case. To dry them, you can then put the paper in the trainers and leave them to dry in a warm place.


Tips On Washing School Uniforms To Remove COVID-19 Germs

how to wash school uniforms covid19Washing School Uniforms


It is important to have children get out of their school uniform straight away when they arrive home from school. As soon as they take off their school uniform it is important to follow the instructions on the garments and wash them straight away.


Washing a School Blazer


The school blazer is part of the school uniform that does not get washed as often as other parts of the uniform. However, during the UK Coronavirus, it is important to change that and to wash it more often and if possible, to also get it dry cleaned.

To wash the school blazer, it is important to wash it using a temperature of 60°C. While washing the clothes at this temperature will remove dirt and stains, the best way to fully remove germs is to use a steam cleaner. If you don’t have a steam cleaner, then an iron is an alternative.

Don’t put the blazer in a tumble dryer as it may shrink.


P.E Kits

washing trainers covid19Even though schools have introduced social distancing measures, P.E Kits can be the most at risk of spreading Coronavirus.

As soon as a child comes home with their P.E kit it is important to wash them straight away and do not wash them with other clothing.

It is also important to wash trainers that have been used. You can do this by putting the trainers into a pillowcase which will protect them. When it comes to drying the trainers, it is best to put the newspaper inside of them and then put them in an airing cupboard so they can dry out properly.


School Bags

School bags have become the most worrying for parents sending their children back to school during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some parents are using plastic bags which they are throwing away each day. But if you are using leather school bags then you must disinfect them daily. You can do this by using disinfectant spray or wipes and leaving them on one side to fully dry out.


Washing General Clothes During The COVID-19 Pandemic

how to wash clothes covid 19If you are washing clothes it is important not to touch your face and to wash your hands afterward.

Avoid shaking the laundry to avoid any germs spreading through the air

Wash the clothes as per label

Wash shared towels often and at 60°C

Wash sports kits at 60°C

Wash baby clothes at 60°C

It is important to wash your work clothes and school uniforms daily to keep the family and others safe from Coronavirus.

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