Have you ever wondered which are the best restaurants in Cleethorpes? TripAdvisor have today announced which restaurants in Cleethorpes are the best.

The restaurants in Cleethorpes on the TripAdvisor platform have been ranked based on hundreds of reviews. So, if you are looking for a restaurant for a great night out with great food then check out the restaurants below and let us know if you agree.

1 Best cleethorpes restaurants

The Coach House, Humberston

According to Trip Advisor, the best restaurant in Cleethopres is The Coach House, situated on Field House Road, Humberston, DN36 4UJ.

The Coach House is a restaurant, steakhouse and sportsbar. It is a very popular choice for those living and visiting Cleethorpes.

2 steels restaurant in cleethorpes

Steel’s Corner House Restaurant

The second-best restaurant in Cleethorpes according to TripAdvisor is an old favourite of ours. Steel’s Corner House Restaurant has always been a favourite with Cleethorpes News Magazine and a favourite of holidaymakers and those that live in the area.

Steel’s Corner House Restaurant is situated at 10 Market Place, Cleethorpes, DN35 8LY. It is a seafood restaurant that serves amazing fish and chips.

3 best restaurant in cleethorpes

Figs Restaurant

Figs Restaurant comes in at number three as the best restaurant in Cleethorpes. The restaurant which is situated at 36 Alexandra Road, Cleethorpes, DN35 8LE is a European restaurant.

If you are looking for a great night out, then Figs Restaurant is a great choice. They serve fine cuisine from across the continent in a lovely setting.


Papa’s Fish and Chips

When it was forced announced that Cleethorpes Pier was going to be turned into a fish and chip restaurant it caused a great deal of upset. Now, the Papa’s Fish and Chips restaurant has gained the hearts of those living and visiting the popular resort.

TripAdvisor has ranked Cleethorpes Papa’s Fish and Chips restaurant as number four of their best restaurants in Cleethorpes. It is situated on Cleethorpes promenade and provides stunning views. You can also have a take-out of your favourite fish and chips.

5 best italian restaurant in Cleethorpes

Valerie’s Italian

If you love Italian food then you will love Valerie’s Italian on Kingsway, Cleethorpes. The Italian restaurant has been voted as the best

Valerie’s Italian, on Kingsway, Cleethorpes has been voted as the 5th best restaurant in Cleethorpes. It is situated at 24 Kingsway, Cleethorpes and provides some stunning food.

The Italian and pizza restaurant comes with vegetarian and vegan options




You will love the lavish interior at Fez, in Cleethorpes. The Authentic Moroccan and Mediterranean restaurant in Cleethorpes came in at number six.

Fez restaurant which is situated at 40 Alexandrea Road, Cleethorpes, DN35 8LE has proven very popular with those living and visiting restaurant.



If you are looking for an Indian restaurant in Cleethorpes then Agrah is a great choice. It is my favourite restaurant in and around Cleethorpes for Indian food.

TripAdvisor has ranked Agrah as their number seven in the best restaurants in Cleethorpes category. The Cleethorpes restaurant which is situated at 7 Sea View Street, Cleethorpes, DN35 8EU has some of the best staff in Cleethorpes. You always get that welcoming feeling when you walk in, and the food is amazing.