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Lincolnshire News & Lifestyle welcomes voluntary contributions. As a Lincolnshire community newspaper, we believe that local people are the best placed to tell their own stories. If you live and work in Greater Lincolnshire, then please do send us your story.


Voluntary Contributions


Lincolnshire News & Lifestyle welcomes article ideas. We welcome our readers living in the Greater Lincolnshire area to contribute – and everyone is free to pitch a story to us.

We will discuss your article idea with you before confirming if it is something we’d like to include. Please read the submission guidelines below before emailing us at [email protected]


Submission guidelines

Features: We accept feature ideas. They must be between 400 and 700 words focusing on a particular community organisation or project in Lincolnshire. It can be written in a more relaxed style, in the first person; discussing how the featured subject was started, who’s involved, and what impact it’s having on the local community.

Interviews: If you have an interview idea then do get in touch. We love to receive interviews about interesting people who work in the Greater Lincolnshire area. The interview should contain at least 600 words focusing on a particular person who has an active role in the community or who has an interesting perspective on a chosen subject relevant to Greater Lincolnshire.

Comment: If you have a comment on a particular subject, or anything that is relevent to the Greater Lincolnshire area then please get in touch. Your comment can be up to 450 words.

Community Events: Let us know about your community events. Up to 450 words. If you have a community or charity event being held, then do get in touch.

Letters: We welcome letters of up to 200 words on topics relevant to Greater Lincolnshire. Please include your name and either your street address, or name of the organisation you are writing on behalf of. These details will be kept private and only your name and Town or city will be used.