How To Spot Damp In A Static Caravan?

Damp In A Caravan Should Be Tackled Straight Away

The smell of damp and the signs of damp in a static caravan is a nightmare for all holiday home owners. The last thing a holiday home owner wants when they visit their caravan is to smell damp or to see damp, and that is why we have put together a complete guide on how to spot damp in a static caravan. We have not only provided details on how to spot damp in a caravan, but we have also brought you tips on how to stop damp in a static caravan.

During the winter months, when the caravan is not being used as much and when the caravan is not having the heating on, there is less air circulating through the caravan. This is the time a static caravan is more likely to suffer from damp and where damp can grow and spread through the holiday home.


By not knowing how to spot damp in a caravan or if the damp and mould are ignored, then this can cause considerable damage to your static caravan which would not only become an expensive problem, but it can also cause serious health issues.


If you have someone who suffers from C.O.P.D or someone who has health issues, then damp or mould in a caravan will cause them a lot of problems. Read our how to spot damp in a caravan to solve the damp problem quickly.

How To Recognise Damp In A Caravan?


When it comes to damp it is easy to spot the early signs. One of the signs of damp is a musty smell inside the static caravan. Another way to spot damp in a caravan is the black marks on the walls and around windows and doors.


If you do find that you have damp in your caravan, then it is important to have it treated straight away to stop it spreading and causing serious damage to your holiday home.

Ways To Stop Damp In A Caravan


Keep Your Caravan Clean


One positive way to stop damp in a caravan is to keep it clean. Before you head off home, or if you are staying in your caravan for more than a week, make sure you give the windows a good clean. Also, use anti-bacterial cleaners to wipe down all surfaces within the holiday home.

Check The Seals Of The Caravan


Regular maintenance is important to pro-long the life of your caravan, but it can also help to reduce and stop damp in your caravan.

It is important to check on a regular basis the seals of your caravan to stop any water or moisture from entering your holiday home. Make sure you check the roof, doors, skylights, and the windows for any cracks or loose or missing sealant.


To help stop damp in your caravan home, also make sure you check the vents and remove any debris from the vents so that air can move freely through your caravan.

Circulate Air Throughout The Caravan To Avoid Damp


In the winter months try and visit the caravan a few times to allow air to circulate through your holiday home. Also, wipe down any build-up of condensation on the windows and walls. Condensation is more common with static caravans that are not double glazed.


It is important to check inside cupboards to see if there is any build up of damp and if there is then give it a good wipe down.


Another good way to stop damp in a caravan is to open a window when cooking and to also open the bathroom window when having a shower.


Use A Dehumidifier To Reduce Damp


A Dehumidifier is a great way to soak up moisture in the air, but don’t worry, you don’t have to go out and buy the most expensive Dehumidifier that you see. You can use bowls of Dehumidifier crystals. Pound shops sell these for as little as one pound. Another good thing to use when not using your caravan is to use cat litter.


Remember, if you see damp or mould in your static caravan, remove it as soon as possible with a damp cloth and use an anti-mould cleaner.


By tackling damp in your static caravan, you can pro-long the life of your caravan and allow people to stay in your caravan without worrying about health issues that damp and mould can cause.