Canaries Covid Update: Over 90,000 people have been infected and 900 have died

  • Covid update: Over 90,000 people have been infected and 900 have died in the Canaries


The Ministry of Health have today issued a statement where they have reported 312 new cases of coronavirus. That means the total number of people who have had Covid in the Canary Islands stands at 90,034. The number of Covid deaths in the Canary Islands since the pandemic began is 902.

It was also announced that three more people sadly lost their lives to Covid, all in Tenerife. According to The Ministry of Health there are 148 new cases in Tenerife, 129 are in Gran Canaria, 18 in Fuerteventura, 11 in Lanzarote, 4 in La Palma, 1 in La Gomera, and 1 in El Hierro.

The Ministry of Health are hoping more people are going to come forward to have their vaccine to help win the Covid battle.


Data for Saturday 21st August 2021:

New cases: 312

Tenerife: 148

Gran Canaria: 129

Fuerteventura: 18

Lanzarote: 11

La Palma: 4

La Gomera: 1

El Hierro: 1


Current Incidence rate (IA7): 94.90           

(Cases last 7 days: 2,065)

Fuerteventura: 111.08

Gran Canaria: 102.51

Tenerife: 96.92

Lanzarote: 68.67

El Hierro: 62.80

La Palma: 40.74

La Gomera: 23.06


Current Incidence rate (IA14): 239.30

(Cases last 14 days: 5,207)

Gran Canaria: 261.13

Tenerife: 257.70

Fuerteventura: 236.36

Lanzarote: 139.91

El Hierro: 80.74

La Palma: 69.50

La Gomera: 46.13