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Things To Do In Benidorm

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If you are going to visit Benidorm, Spain for your holiday then you are in for a treat. The popular holiday resort is one of the most popular destinations for UK Holidaymakers. To help you have a holiday you will never forget we have put together some of the best things to do in Benidorm and popular Benidorm attractions.

No matter what weather is in Benidorm, there are lots of places to visit. Benidorm provides a playground for all ages. The popular Costa Blanca holiday resort which has an iconic skyline of apartment towers and some of the best sandy beaches in Europe, has everything from theme parks, to go-karting.

I understand that going on holiday can be expensive, and that’s why I have included in my list free things to do in Benidorm. So, no matter


Benidorm Levante Beach

places to visit in Benidorm levante beachIf you are looking for Free Things To Do in Benidorm then you can’t beat visiting the beach. Levante Beach is the most popular beach in Benidorm, which quickly gets filled up in the summer.

The popular Benidorm beach has a back view of hotels, cafes, restaurants, pubs, shops, and a long line of skyscrapers. This is one of the busiest parts of Benidorm. When visiting Benidorm and walking along Levante Beach then check out some of the café’s. There are some that offer coffee for one Euro, which is a great deal.


Poniente Beach

beaches in benidormPoniente Beach in Benidorm is the quieter beach but still is amazing place to visit to top up your tan and relax in the sun.

This beach is right next door to Levante beach, but although they are right next to each other, Poniente Beach has a totally different feel to Levante Beach.

You have the same backdrop on both beaches, but Poniente Beach has a more relaxed atmosphere. It is quieter and you will find that it is more family oriented. A lot of the ex-pats which live in Benidorm use this part of the beach to keep away from the holiday crowds.



places to visit in benidormIf you are looking for fun things to do in Benidorm for children, then Mundomar Zoo must be on top of your list. To be honest its not just for kids. If you are an adult on a solo holiday in Benidorm, or you have come away for a romantic holiday then you really need to visit Mundomar.

The Benidorm zoo is popular with holidaymakers and suitable for all ages and you can spend the whole day there. I visit Benidorm a lot and there is not one visit where I don’t spend the day at Mundomar.

Mundomar has everything you could possibly want from a zoo. They have lots of animals to see and lots of shows that take place each day as well as lots of different demonstrations. You can get close and personal to penguins, sea lions, dolphins, otters, penguins to name a few.

If you love dolphins and sea lions, then you will love the popular Benidorm zoo and you will love the regular shows they put on.



places to visit in benidormOne of the oldest water parks in Spain is right next door to Mundomar. The water park first opened for business in 1985, and each year attracts visitors from all over the world. New rides are added each year, so if you have been here before and thought you had seen everything, then you will be surprised on your next visit.

There are water slides for all ages. One of the most talked about water slides in Spain is Big Bang. This slide is the tallest water slide in Spain and Europe. You also have the Vertigo slide, which is not for the fainthearted. People brave enough to try out the slide can expect to reach 100kph.

The wave pool at Aqualandia is gigantic, with enough room for thousands of swimmers at one time.

Aqualandia, has been described as one of the best days out in Benidorm for all the family. Some people choose to visit Mundomar for half a day and then visit Aqualandia. To be honest, half a day at either attraction is not long enough. So, if you are going to visit Benidorm, and you want to have some fun, then make sure you spend a whole day at the water theme park.


Terra Mítica

things to do in benidorm for childrenAnother great place to visit in Benidorm is Terra Mitica. If you want your children to think you are the best and coolest parent in the world then Terra Mitica is the answer.

Terra Mitica in Benidorm is one of the largest theme parks in Spain. There are three areas to the theme park which are inspired by ancient civilisations. The three areas are Rome, Egypt and Greece, which are all crammed with amazing rides, shows, and roller coasters.

If you are looking for fun things to do in Benidorm that will bring you hours of fun, then Terra Mitica must be on your list.


Benidorm Island Spain

visit benidorm islandYou can’t miss Benidorm Island which is also known as Peakcock Island Benidorm. When you’re sat on Benidorm beach it’s there right in front of you. It may look very close, and you may think you can swim to Benidorm Island and some have tried, but it’s actually 3.5km from the coast.

No matter if you are in Benidorm for a short-break or a two-week holiday, you need to make time to visit Benidorm Island. It provides natural beauty and the journey from the Old Town of Benidorm via a glass-bottom boat to the Island is a wonderful experience in itself.


Benidorm Market

weather benidorm spainIf you love markets, then you are in for a real treat. Benidorm markets are some of the best you will ever come across in Spain and the UK.

The outdoor market in Benidorm is held on Wednesdays and Sundays and located in the town centre near the Hotel Pueblo.

You can buy most things from the Benidorm outdoor market including a whole range of Spanish goods such as handbags and clothes.

The market is open from early morning to early afternoon.


La Cruz de Benidorm

La Cruz de BenidormOne of the most famous landmarks in Benidorm and the whole of the Costa Blanca and one of the best free things to do in Benidorm is La Cruz de Benidorm.

The Benidorm Cross can be seen from most parts of Benidorm and has become a popular tourist attraction. When you reach the top of the hill where the cross is situated then you will see some amazing views.

La Cruz de Benidorm dates to 1961 when a group of people decided to carry a wooden cross from the town and up the steep hill to redeem the city for its sins. Obviously, it didn’t work, especially when you think about Sticky Vicky, and some of the other adult acts.

The cross in Benidorm quickly became a tourist attraction and was eventually replaced in 1975 with the current one which guards the town now.

Each year tens of millions of people visit Benidorm but sadly only a select few are tempted to climb up to the cross. It takes on a good day around 45-minutes, and even though you may think on the way why are you doing this, once you reach the top you will know why.

The views from the Benidorm cross are outstanding. You can see for miles and miles. If you are going to make the climb, then take some bottles of water and make sure you take your camera.


Sierra Helada

temperature in benidormNo mater what the temperature is in Benidorm, if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Benidorm and fancy going for a nice walk, then how about Sierra Helada.

Sierra Helada is a large natural park with stunning views of the coastline. You can walk to the famous Albir Lighthouse or if you have the energy, then you can walk to the radio masts which is 300 metres above the sea.



benidorm spainIf you are looking for places to visit near Benidorm Spain, then jump on the bus to Altea. It is much quieter than Benidorm and a great place to see culture and experience some wonderful food.

Altea is a typical Mediterranean old town where the houses are all painted white with wrought iron balconies. There are some stunning buildings to see which includes the parish church.

If you like your markets, then you will be impressed with the market in Altea. it has one of the best in the Costa Blanca region. And, if you like shopping, and you like to experience some great food and a wonderful beach, then Altea is for you.



benidorm weather aprilIf you like your culture and looking to do some sightseeing in Benidorm Spain, then I can highly recommend Guadalest.

Guadalest is an extraordinary place to visit in Benidorm and should be on top of your culture list. It’s a small town that is home to around 200 people. It was established by the Moors in the early-middle ages and sits on the cliffs 500 metres above sea level.

If you want to see some amazing views then climb up to the Peñon de La Alcalá tower. You can also explore the ruins of ancient castle while also enjoying the wonderful artwork found throughout the village.

There are lots of organised trips to Guadalest.


Alicante, Benidorm Spain

benidorm spainIf you fancy a nice day out away from Benidorm then how about a trip to Alicante, which is the capital of the province.

You can visit Alicante by bus, tour, or by tram. Spending a full day in Alicante allows you to experience the shopping, the wonderful beach, and all the great restaurants.

A lot of ex-pats live in Alicante, which is an attractive Spanish city with a castle, old quarter and long waterfront. It has become a popular holiday resort but is quieter than Benidorm.

No matter what the temperature in Benidorm is, there is so much to see rain or shine.


Tapas Alley

where is benidormFancy the perfect place to visit for some wonderful food then you must visit Benidorm Tapas Alley which is tucked away in the old town of Benidorm. No matter if you are looking for some of the best food in Benidorm, or fancy going out on a date night, Tapas Alley must be the place for you.

If you would like to know where is Benidorm’s Tapas Alley while in the old town then ask anyone walking by. Most people know where it is, but if you don’t fancy asking a strange then just follow your nose. You will be able to smell the wonderful local flavours.

Tapas Alley is a small, covered alley lined with tiny tapas bars. There is a great selection of tapas available and great wine. The atmosphere is truly amazing day or night.


Benidorm Old Town

what to do in benidormYou can’t visit Benidorm without visiting Benidorm Old Town. The Old Town is filled with some amazing places to eat, great pubs, and some fantastic shops that sell everything from shoes to electrical products.

Benidorm Old Town comes alive at night with some amazing clubs and pubs. The streets are filled at night with people looking for great food and a fun filled night out.

If you don’t know what hotel to stay at in Benidorm then have a read of our Flamingo Oasis Review.

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