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We Talk To flyBarabara About Their Travel Comparison Platform

In the UK, more than 15.4 million people go on holiday each year, in America that figure is more than one hundred million. At one time those that wanted to go on holiday would have to visit their local travel agent and pay the prices that were dictated to them. Now, thanks to the Internet the way people book their holidays has changed.

More than 40% of people in the UK now book their holidays online instead of visiting their local travel agent. Although travel experts in the UK have said going online can help people to save money, those in the UK are far behind the USA where 4 in 5 people book online for the best deals.

Now, thanks to travel comparison sites the way people book holidays is changing again. Instead of spending hours on the Internet looking for the best deals by searching all the travel sites, comparison sites do all the hard work for you. They can help people find the best deals within seconds, so we wanted to find out more about travel comparison sites and decided to speak to the team at flyBarbara.

flyBarabara is a new breed of travel comparison sites which takes comparing flights and hotels to the next level. The popular travel comparison platform has consolidated a range of powerful features that makes it a one-stop-shop when looking to book a vacation anywhere in the world.


With so many comparison sites available, why did you decide to launch flyBarabara?

It is not just a comparison site like any other. When speaking about comparing, flyBARBARA is preparing both – hotel and flight trip plan at once. So, it’s saving time and thinking for the user.


What makes your travel comparison platform stand out?

We provide a lot of added value. We provide the user information about travel destinations (basic ones when searching the flight for example or complex ones in its Guide section with picture gallery as well). Another thing is the Stories section where the users can get inspired as well as see the stories of others.


How much can a person expect to save on their vacation when using your travel tool?

Saving time. It’s not mainly about saving the money (directly) because all the comparing sites have similar prices but it’s about saving the time needed for planning it. Maybe, we can think of saving money thanks to not doing a mistake during the trip – thanks to better plan.


If you could explain just one reason why someone should use your travel search engine what would it be?

We make traveling simple. And with us you support a good thing – you preserve the planet.


One great feature of your travel tool is the tip planner, what was the reason for including that?

Personal experience and knowledge that something like that is very useful and missing on the market. This was the original / main market advantage. (Now adding also others.)


Is it true that you can get better prices on flights if you are more flexible when you can travel?

Sure. If you have particular dates when you need to travel than you must pay whatever price. If you’re flexible, you can choose the cheaper or cheapest variant. That’s why we also have section with “promo” flight tickets showing particular travel dates for great price.


One thing that really does set flyBarbara apart from other comparison sites is their mission to save the planet by donating one third of their profit from each flight ticket sold on planting trees.


To learn more about flyBarbara please visit



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