Saturday, May 28, 2022

Wayne Rooney Wants Coleen Rooney To Cut Back On Her Holidays

According to reports, Wayne Rooney who last week was pulled over and arrested by police for drink driving has given his wife an ultimatum to save their marriage.

The former 31-year old Manchester United player who is now back with his boyhood team Everton has told his wife that he will stop drinking if she cuts back on all the holidays she takes.

Fans of Coleen Rooney have turned to social media in shock over the alleged demands with one fan who said, “How can he ask Coleen Rooney to do anything when he was caught in a car with another woman.”

Another fan who said she was shocked with the demands has said what is wrong with taking a holiday?

Coleen, 31, who is said to be shocked over the arrest and embarrassed that her husband was caught with another woman has taken ten holidays in the past year. Her most recent holiday was to Mallorca.

Since the news broke out over the marriage troubles between Wayne Rooney and Coleen, many sources have come forward to claim Coleen is going to give Wayne another chance. However, Coleen herself has turned to Twitter and asked who these supposed sources are and said she would like to meet all those sources.

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One of our In2town Travel Magazine reporters asked one hundred people if Coleen was wrong to take so many holidays, and out of the one hundred people he spoken too, ninety per cent said no.

Meanwhile, Laura Simpson, 29 from Irlam Manchester seems to be enjoying her five minutes of fame, with many believing she will try and rake as much as she can through reality TV appearances. The single mother of one has said she would have slept with Wayne Rooney if he had not been arrested by police.

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By Timothy Ellis





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