Thursday, January 20, 2022

Variable Speed Cameras Are Raking In Millions In Fines

Are Variable Speed Cameras A Good Idea?


Drivers are up in arms after variable speed cameras on motorways rake in millions of pounds in fines. According to official figures, since the first variable speed camera was launched back in 2013, drivers have paid out a staggering £525 million in fines.


Variable speed cameras were introduced to enforce temporary speed limits on motorways and improve safety as well as reducing congestion, but not everyone believes variable speed cameras are a good thing. Some drivers feel they can be a danger to drivers when one minute you are driving at 70mph and then you suddenly drop to 50mph or even 20mph.


Over 210,000 drivers have been caught speeding since the cameras were first introduced, and experts believe this figure will continue to increase. Although many believe we need more speed cameras on the motorway to cut deaths and make them safer, other people believe variable speed cameras could cause more deaths.


We spoke to Mr. Moore from Sheffield who thought variable speed cameras were a danger to drivers. He said: “I am all for speed cameras to make our motorways safer, but not speed cameras that force you to drop from a 70 to a 50, it is just crazy.”


Mr. Moore, A delivery driver for a major supermarket chain who spends the week driving up and down the country, believes variable speed cameras can be a good thing if used correctly. He feels they should only be allowed to drop a speed limit by 10mph.


He explained: “Congestion is a huge problem on the motorway, so in theory, I am all for variable speed cameras, but not in their current state. Dropping from 70 to 50 can be dangerous, so I would like to see variable speed cameras that can only force you to reduce your speed by 10mph.”


It seems Mr. Moore has a point, as many more drivers we spoken to feel there should be a limit. So, is the government using variable speed cameras safely, and are they being used to keep the motorways safe or, are they another money raking scheme. We would love to hear your views on our official Twitter page @In2townmagazine





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