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Travel Experts Warn Ryanair Cancellations Will Make Air Travel More Expensive

The Ryanair crisis which resulted in over 300,000 people having their flights cancelled could result in an expensive knock-on effect for millions of passengers. With news that 34 routes are to be cancelled from November to March, travel experts are warning that rival airlines could increase the cost of their flights.

Ryanair, which is the most successful low-cost airline has always forced other airlines to lower their prices to try and compete for passengers. That competition has meant holidaymakers could travel abroad for a lot less, but now, with Ryanair cancelling over 34 routes with more than 400,000 people being affected, rival airlines no longer need to compete.

EasyJet, Jet2, Monarch, and other budget airlines could now take advantage of Ryanair flight cancellations crisis and increase their prices to boost profits. Travel experts have warned that this could mean holidaymakers being forced to pay more for their holiday abroad with many holidays becoming unaffordable for many.

A source from a leading high-street travel agent explained with Ryanair cancelling 34 routes from November to March; prices could soon increase.

“Budget airlines have always tried to compete with Ryanair for customers, but now with all the problems Ryanair is facing they no longer have to compete on certain routes.”

It is not just the cancelled routes that rival budget airlines no longer have to compete. With the reputation of Ryanair sinking to an all-time low, many passengers are turning their backs on the airline.

Ryanair Flight Cancellation Rights

In2town Travel Magazine has spoken to a number of regular Ryanair passengers who have said they wouldn’t be willing to book with the budget airline with fear their flight could be cancelled.

Public Relations experts have said Ryanair have a mountain to climb to restore their reputation and bring back confidence to their customers.

There could be some good news on the horizon in 2018 for holidaymakers. Some travel experts believe that Ryanair will launch a clever marketing campaign which could see flight prices at a record low. This could cause serious problems for rival budget airlines but would be great news for holidaymakers looking for a great deal.


Ryanair suspended routes are

  1. Bucharest – Palermo
  2. Chania – Athens
  3. Chania – Pafos
  4. Chania – Thessaloniki
  5. Cologne – Berlin (SXF)
  6. Edinburgh – Szczecin
  7. Glasgow – Las Palmas
  8. Hamburg – Edinburgh
  9. Hamburg – Katowice
  10. Hamburg – Oslo (TRF)
  11. Hamburg – Thessaloniki
  12. Hamburg – Venice (TSF)
  13. London (LGW) – Belfast
  14. London (STN) – Edinburgh
  15. London (STN) – Glasgow
  16. Newcastle – Faro
  17. Newcastle – Gdansk
  18. Sofia – Castellon
  19. Sofia – Memmingen
  20. Sofia – Pisa
  21. Sofia – Stockholm (NYO)
  22. Sofia – Venice (TSF)
  23. Thessaloniki – Bratislava
  24. Thessaloniki – Paris BVA
  25. Thessaloniki – Warsaw (WMI)
  26. Trapani – Baden Baden
  27. Trapani – Frankfurt (HHN)
  28. Trapani – Genoa
  29. Trapani – Krakow
  30. Trapani – Parma
  31. Trapani – Rome FIU
  32. Trapani – Trieste
  33. Wroclaw – Warsaw
  34. Gdansk – Warsaw

By Mark Ward


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