Thursday, May 19, 2022

Thousands of Cruise Holidaymakers Not Covered By Their Insurance Policy

Check Your Cruise Holiday Insurance Policy To Make Sure It’s Valid

More than two million people in the UK will take a cruise this year, enjoying the cruising experience. However, thousands of those that take out travel insurance are not covered, resulting in a costly bill if medical treatment is needed.


According to reports, just 35 per cent of single and 40 per cent of annual policies cover a cruise holiday, and those policies that do provide cover are only valid if an extra premium has been purchased.


One of the biggest mistakes people make when purchasing travel insurance is thinking a normal policy will cover them when going on a cruise holiday. With a cruise visiting different countries it becomes more expensive. That is why travel experts are warning people to check what a travel insurance policy offers before making a purchase.


Travel experts have found that only 306 of the 878-single trip travel insurance policies on the market include cruise cover as standard, which means that tens of thousands of people are paying for insurance that is not valid. Those that go on lots of holidays and buy annual travel insurance will be surprised that only 360 of the 906 policies available cover cruise holidays.


Due to travel insurance companies not making it clear that their policy may not cover them, those that do fall ill could be left with a medical bill costing thousands. Newspapers have already reported that people who were taken ill on a cruise were forced to turn to family for financial assistance due to invalid cover, and now travel experts want insurance companies to come clean.


Travel companies are calling on insurance companies to be transparent about what their policies do and don’t offer to avoid people being left out of pocket.


To avoid any confusion, cruise travel insurance can be purchased when booking a cruise holiday through the likes of Thomson and other travel agencies.



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