Sunday, May 22, 2022

Thomson and First Choice Could Ban Holidaymakers Who Make False Compensation Claims

False holiday Compensation Claims Could Increase The Cost Of Holidays

Legal firms are encouraging holidaymakers to make false food poisoning compensation claims. Although these legal companies are not directly telling holidaymakers to make false claims, the way they advertise, and the wording they use to promote their services is encouraging false claims to be made.


The number of false food poisoning claims have increased, and although those making false claims feel it’s right to make some quick money, in reality, it’s pushing up holiday prices. One travel company who has had enough of false holiday compensation claims is the Tui group (Thomson and First Choice) who have now warned they will take action.


The popular travel company has now warned anyone making a false food poisoning claim could be banned from booking holidays with Thomson and First Choice. The Tui group has decided to take this drastic step after the number of claims increased by 1,400% since 2013. For those that think they have got away with making a false claim, the Tui group has said their details will be passed on to other tour operators as well as hotel groups. That could mean those that make a false claim could find themselves put on a blacklist and being unable to book a holiday.


Nick Longman, UK managing director for Tui, told trade publication Travel Weekly: “This is clearly a massive issue for us – it’s a massive issue for the industry.


“It’s not something we could have anticipated. It’s been an absolute explosion.”


thomson travelThomson and First Choice who have become concerned how people are being encouraged to make false holiday compensation claims are determined to stamp it out. As well as banning those that make false claims and passing their details on to other tour operators, the Tui group will also consider taking legal action including prosecution.


Spain has become the number one country where British holidaymakers are making false holiday compensation claims. The problem has become so serious that Spanish hoteliers are considering banning British holidaymakers from booking their all-inclusive option. According to the Hospitality Business Association of Benidorm and the Hotel Business Federation of Mallorca, £50 million a year is being lost to false claims, causing job losses in the hotel and travel industry.


The UK has seen an increase in the number of holiday compensation claim companies being set up, and it’s not surprising with how easy it is to make a false claim. All a person needs to do to make a false food poisoning claim is to show a receipt for a tummy bug product. That is why hotel owners in Benidorm are asking chemists not to sell products to holidaymakers that help cure an upset stomach unless they have a prescription.


In2town Travel Magazine is calling for the government to tackle the serious growing problem of false holiday compensation claims and for all tour operators to work together to combat the growing problem.

By Diane Walker


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