Sunday, May 22, 2022

Ryanair Make Benidorm Holidaymakers Angry With Price Increase

The cheap flight airline has told passengers travelling to Benidorm that they will be charged directly for any increase in airport taxes. Other airlines have taken the brunt of the cost but Ryanair have upset passengers by telling them the cost will come out of their own pockets and not the pockets of Ryanair.

The budget airline sent out emails to their passengers which informed them that they would have to pay for the extra cost after the Spanish parliament approved the increase in airport tax for Spanish airports.

If passengers have booked by debit card then the extra cost will automatically be taken from their card which has made Ryanair passengers flying to Benidorm very angry.

‘Ryanair Make Passengers Angry With Price Increase To Benidorm’

Mr Roberts from Liverpool who travels to Benidorm three times a year said:” Ryanair should be ashamed of themselves. I can understand if you have not already paid for your flight but when you have paid for your flight and then be told you will have to pay extra if you still want to fly to Benidorm, well that is disgusting. This will be the last time I fly with Ryanair.”

It seems Mr Roberts is not the only one who is angry. In2town travel magazine spoke to 100 holidaymakers in Benidorm where 76 of them said they would no longer fly with Ryanair with their latest stunt.


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