Sunday, May 22, 2022

Police Raid Benidorm Pub And Shut Down Bingo Session

  • Police shut down Benidorm Bingo Game

  • Benidorm Police Confiscate £1,265 Bingo Prize Money

  • Local Benidorm Police Shut Down Three Ilegal Bingo Games


While Benidorm has seen an increase in the number of Pea Men setting up illegal games on the streets, and with the increase of pickpockets and muggings, police feel their resources are best spent tackling illegal bingo games.

Holidaymakers in Benidorm were shocked when local police officers came into their pub and stopped a bingo game in full play. The officers seized all the prize money and confiscated four microphones, two electronic bingo machines, as well as 5,000 bingo cards.

The police officers informed the holidaymakers they were taking part in an illegal bingo game.

The pub in question was told they would be reported for a very serious infringement.

The bingo prize money that was confiscated amounted to £1,265. The police also took another £18,370 which was found in a safe on the premises.

According to officials, bingo can only be played on premises that have the correct licences.

There has been a big clampdown on illegal bingo games in Benidorm with three other pubs

A statement from the Valencia Generalitat confirmed: “The Generalitat Police, in its tasks of inspection and control in the field of Shows and Games, has dismantled an illegal bingo that organised games in hospitality establishments of Benidorm with the participation of more than a hundred people, mostly foreigners.”

“From the result of the operation, the four workers of the establishment were identified and €1,447 euros was intervened, money from the game in play and other games earlier that day.”

In2town Travel Magazine contacted the local Benidorm police on why they were wasting police resources on illegal bingo games instead of tackling the increase in prostitution, muggings, and pea men. A spokesman for the local police did not wish to comment.

By Mark Gavin


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