Sunday, May 22, 2022

Nineteen Percent Of Brits Don’t Take Out Travel Insurance

Although the average holidaymaker spends £600 on a holiday abroad and adds extras including extra leg room on the plane, more than 19 per cent fail to take out travel insurance.

Travel insurance is an essential insurance to have when travelling abroad; it provides people with the knowledge and security that they will be looked after if anything happens. However, it seems not everyone is convinced that travel insurance is worth taking out.

While the average travel insurance policy can cost less than thirty pounds, it seems some British holidaymakers would rather take the chance that nothing will happen to them than get the cover they need. Travel experts believe it’s the under 30s who would rather spend more money on beer and a good time than purchase an insurance policy that could save them thousands of pounds.

Although it is believed the younger generation are the ones who prefer to take a chance when it comes travel insurance, the problem also occurs with those of the more mature age.

One recent case saw a holidaymaker in Spain being forced to pay £20,000 when they had treatment for a heart infection. The total cost, which included medical treatment and an air ambulance to take them back to the UK could have been covered if they had a valid travel insurance policy.

Another case that shows the importance of taking out travel insurance saw a young holidaymaker turning to his parents after he received an £11,000 bill for treatment after he broken his arm in Spain.

While some travel experts have said, holidaymakers shouldn’t be allowed to fly abroad until they can produce a valid travel insurance policy, those that have travel insurance could also be faced with expensive medical bills.

A recent report found that 8-15% of those that take out travel insurance lie on their application. The research found that people are failing to admit to medical problems that they have to avoid paying more for their policy. This, according to insurance experts could see a policy being cancelled if a claim is made.

If a policy holder fails to declare medical conditions they have, then if they need medical treatment while abroad their insurance company could void the claim which means the policy holder facing thousands of pounds in medical bills.

Travel experts are warning people take take out travel insurance and be honest on their application, while money saving experts are advising holidaymakers to use comparison sites to get the best deals.

By Timothy Ellis


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