Wednesday, May 25, 2022

NHS Nurses Are Struggling To Afford A Family Holiday Abroad

NHS Nurses have been plunged into financial crises due to low wages which has seen tens of thousands of them turn to food banks, payday loan companies, and family members for help. The situation has become so bad many nurses working for the NHS have reported they are facing bankruptcy, while others have stated they have not had a family holiday for more than two years.


At a time when more nurses are leaving the profession than joining, In2town Travel Magazine decided to speak to one hundred dedicated nurses and see how bad the situation is. More than half the nurses we spoke to said they had not had a family holiday in more than two years. They explained it was affecting family life with their children suffering the most due to their chosen profession and the disregard Theresa May and the Conservative Government have for the NHS.


One nurse who works for the NHS in Manchester said: “My daughter gets embarrassed when friends ask her where she is going on holiday.”


“I have taken on a part time job just to try and save enough money to try and afford a short break in the UK. It’s really affecting my family as I am always tired and have no time to spend with my children,” said a nurse from Doncaster


While MPs enjoy the luxury of a second home, expenses and a £1,000 pay rise, nurses struggle with their pay rise cap at 1%. The pay of nurses has become so bad; some nurses are £3000 worse off than they were in 2010. Other nurses, we spoke to said they were seriously considering leaving the NHS and turning to the private sector or moving abroad to get better pay. Ten nurses said they could become bankrupt within then next twelve months, a place they never imagined they would be when the joined the nursing profession.


nhs nurses cannot afford holidaysAlthough Jeremy Corbyn is backing NHS nurses to get a better wage, Theresa May has shown that she and her Government don’t respect or care about the nurses that work in the NHS. Nurses are disgusted that Theresa May claims there is no money in the pot to them a decent pay rise but has managed to find one billion pounds to bribe the DUP so she can keep her job.


It is not just nurses who are shocked over their wages and long hours, a large portion of the General Public are backing some form of strike action to save the NHS and to give nurses a better wage deal.

By Anita Wells



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