Tuesday, May 24, 2022

NEW DATA REVEALS: Staycation travel habits this Autumn/Winter

This summer has seen more Brits holidaying in the UK than ever and, as we move into the winter months towards Christmas, it is unlikely that this trend will die down. 

The ‘Brexit Effect’ and Britain’s heatwave this summer has meant more than half of British holiday-makers have been staying put when it comes to booking a trip away. Popular coastal resorts like Newquay in Cornwall have seen record highs with an estimated 2.2 million visitors over the course of the year so far.

So what exactly are people looking for when they are booking a staycation?

New search data from Snaptrip has revealed the key spots Brits have been looking at for their UK holidays so far this year. Here’s an overview of the top travel habits to be aware of ahead of Autumn/Winter:


  1. Cumbria comes out on top


Cumbria is the most searched for destination in the UK this year, with 29,155 searches from holiday-goers eagerly planning their next trip. Cumbria welcomes a staggering 19.7 million tourists each year and you can hardly blame them. Home to England’s largest national park, The Lake District, there is ample to see including country walks, Hadrian’s Wall and scenic railroads.


  1. Hyperlocal staycations

Surprisingly, the data has highlighted a trend for Brits who are barely venturing out of their county for a vacation this year. The data shows people in Leeds are remaining local, looking for breaks in North Yorkshire (2,627) and likewise, people living in Norfolk have been searching for rentals in their home county 1,375 times. This tactic inevitably saves money on travel costs which means it can be poured into activities and treats for all the family to enjoy.  This may also be a great alternative for parents travelling with young children to avoid tantrums on long car journeys or flights.


  1. Northerners want a staycation more than Southerners


The data shows that people in the North of England are more likely to partake in a staycation than people in the South. Northerners made 42% more searches compared to people from the South which suggests Southerners are still venturing abroad. Not only are Northerners saving themselves money by choosing to stay in the UK, they are reducing travel time and helping the local economy to soar post-Brexit.


  1. Scotland and Wales are popular for Northerners

It seems that Scotland and Wales are popular destinations for those up North, with 8,424 searches for breaks in Perth and Kinross, The Highlands and the Scottish Boarders over the last eight months. It’s no surprise Northerners are wanting to stay up North, with an abundance of beautiful scenery and English heritage on the doorstep such as Snowdonia, Loch Ness and Edinburgh Castle.


  1. People in the South want to stay in the South


Looking at search data for 2018, it is clear that Southerners rarely look for staycations in the North of England, they are more likely to opt for coastal areas closer to home such as Cornwall and Devon, which are famous for their sandy beaches and bustling nightlife.3. On the other hand, Northerners are not afraid to vacation down South as search data proves they are interested in a variety of destinations across the country such as Cheshire, Dumfries, Gwynedd and Devon. 


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