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Insurance Companies May Not Pay Out If Burgled While Abroad

Insurance Companies Could Refuse To Pay Out If Burgled While On Holiday


Insurance companies love to find ways of not paying out when it comes to a claim, and now they may have another way of not paying out.

Everyone loves to tell people about their forthcoming holidays. For as long as travel agents have been around men and women have talked to their barber or hairdresser about going away in the sun, but now they could be at risk.

Social media has become an important part of everyday life, allowing people to keep in touch with family and friends. Platforms like Facebook allow people to meet new friends and talk about their hobbies, football and even holidays. Sadly, sharing is no longer a wise thing to do according to cyber security experts, especially when it comes to holiday conversations.

home burlged on holiday

Cyber security experts have warned that talking about a holiday on Facebook or other social media platforms could be a costly experience. There are many Facebook groups where people talk about their vacation, including TUI Discovery 2, and Benidorm Friends, but cyber security experts are warning those that share too much information three times more likely to be burgled.

Coming home from a wonderful holiday to a property that has been burgled is everyone’s nightmare, but that nightmare could get worse if the insurance company refuses to pay out. Insurance companies have warned, that if a person goes on social media and reveals their holiday plans, then they could have their policy void.


Insurance Companies May Refuse To Pay Out If Home Is Broken Into While On Holiday


policecarCriminals have become more advanced in recent years, and instead of going around the streets looking for houses which are not occupied, they sit at home and let people on social media do all the work for them.

According to cyber security expert’s criminals keep a close eye on social media and look out for people revealing information about their forthcoming holidays or those that are already on holiday. They look for vital information including if anyone is being left behind to look after the property, how long the holidaymaker will be away for, and even if the car will be left on the driveway.

Most people reading this may be thinking the criminals don’t know where I live. Unfortunately, that information is easy to find, but for security reasons, we have decided not to share how this is done. What we will say is, this information is easy to get hold of and criminals can find out the details they need within no time at all.

In2town travel Magazine has put together some tips to avoid being a victim of crime.

  1. Don’t mention the date you are going away on holiday
  2. If asked if a family member is staying behind, don’t provide this information.
  3. If your Facebook profile has your local location, remove it. For example. If you live in Manchester and your profile says you live in Didsbury, then change it and put Manchester.
  4. It is important to remove any mention of your exact location from your Facebook page as criminals are looking for this information.

The Association of British Insurers has warned that insurance companies could refuse to pay out if they feel a customer has advertised their home will be empty.

By Mark Wilkes


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