Sunday, May 22, 2022

Hotel To Pay Holidaymakers Compensation When It Rains

One of the things holidaymakers complain about the most is the weather, now it seems a hotel owner in Bournemouth is trying to solve that by paying hotel guests compensation for each day that it rains.

Sarah Uzzel, owner of the Arlington Hotel in Bournemouth has seen a drop in booking and blames that on the weather. The Bournemouth hotel owner feels that people are worried about booking a holiday in the UK because of the recent weather and has decided to run a campaign to increase bookings by promising hotel guests that they will pay £10 compensation each day it rains.

She said: “What I’m trying to do is persuade anyone who hasn’t booked a holiday in August to take the plunge.”

Hotel owners in Bournemouth have been hit hard with the weather after the rainfall in the first week of July was more than the expected rainfall for the entire month.

‘Arlington Hotel In Bournemouth Pays Hotel Guests When It Rains’


Sarah Uzzel said business has been hard after experiencing a 20% year-on-year drop in bookings.

She told the BBC: “The economy is an issue, but the weather has not encouraged people to make a decision about booking a hotel.

“If it’s your precious time with your family, it’s disappointing – it’s just not beach weather.”

Other hotel owners around the UK are watching with interest in the experiment and if it works out for the Bournemouth hotel then other hotels could copy the promotion.


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