Half Of Holidaymakers Injured While Skiiing Have No Travel Insurance

The Post Office commissioned research to find out how many people suffered an injury while on a skiing holiday. 36% of the 4,544 British skiers admitted they had suffered an injury, while 48% admitted they did not take out any travel insurance.

19% of those questioned said they suffered a serious injury which resulted in broken or fractured bones, pulled ligaments or tendons, sprains and concussions.

Those who did not take out any travel insurance and suffered an injury regretted their choice after they were slapped with an expensive medical bill.

The cost of treatment when not having travel insurance can run into the thousands, which is why travel experts have warned people for many years to take out insurance for their holiday.

The average cost for a walk-in clinic on a skiing holiday is between £500-£1,000. The cost to have a helicopter take an injured skier to the hospital will cost on average £2,500. If the patient is required to stay in hospital, then the cost could run into tens of thousands of pounds.

The Post Office research found that those over 55 or under 24 are more likely to go on a skiing holiday without taking out travel insurance.

Dylan Burke, Ski Instructor and Head of Ski at Ongosa says:

As with everything, preparation is key and that definitely applies to ski holidays. It is not just insurance that people fail to acknowledge properly either. The joy of skiing is you don’t need to be at peak fitness to enjoy it. However, just a few weeks of relevant exercise will massively increase your enjoyment on the slopes and reduce chance of injury.

Many of those who have gone on holiday without travel insurance and have been injured and found themselves going into debt. Some of those people have turned to crowdfunding campaigns in the hope that people will donate to their campaign to help pay their medical bills. However, for the average cost of £60 a person going on a skiing holiday can gain complete cover.

By Tim Ellis