Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Grenfell Tower Firefighters Should Receive A Free Holiday

The Grenfell Tower fire which happened on the 14th June 2017 not only shocked the people in London, and the UK, but also those living around the world. The fire which could have started in a fourth floor flat by a faulty hot point fridge freezer was one of the biggest fires that London has ever seen, and one which will live with the brave firefighters who tackled it each day of their lives.


In2town Travel magazine is calling on all those firefighters who bravely tackled the fire and put their own lives at risk to be given a free holiday so they and their family can recover from their ordeal. We are calling on Theresa May to do the right thing and help those firefighters to overcome their experiences and to pay for a holiday funded by the taxpayer. Although we understand a holiday will not solve everything, we do feel it will help in a small way combined with counselling.


Timothy Ellis, Editor-in-Chief of In2town Travel Magazine said: “Theresa May has made many mistakes since coming to power as our Prime Minister, but by funding a holiday for all those firefighters involved in the Grenfell Tower fire it will be a step in the right direction.”


It is not only our team at In2town Travel Magazine that is calling for Theresa May to offer the firefighters a free holiday, but our readers also want Theresa May to do the right thing. One suggestion that has been made is for the Prime Minister to work with different holiday companies in the UK including Butlins, Pontins, Thomas Cook and Thomson where an agreement could be made. That agreement could involve either those companies offering a free holiday or to offer a big discount where the government will fund the rest. Another suggestion which has been made is for Theresa May to offer firefighters a voucher that they can use to pay for a family holiday to a destination of their choice, funded by the taxpayer.


In2town who intended to start a Government petition to have the subject of a free holiday heard in parliament, is instead calling on people to tweet the Prime Minister and their MPs demanding a free holiday for firefighters involved in the Grenfell Tower fire. This is due to the Government petition site not being available until a new committee is put together.


If you would like to see the firefighters given a free holiday, then retweet our tweet at @In2townmagazine and send it to celebrities, public figures, The London Mayor, MPs, and Theresa May.


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