Saturday, May 28, 2022

French Air Traffic Control Strikes To Cause Problems For UK Travellers

It seems everyone wants to go on strike at the moment. We have the Spanish Air Strikes which for September have been put on hold but are still set to go ahead for October, November, and December ( Now We have the French who are causing disruptions to UK holidaymakers which last week resulted in hundreds of flights being cancelled.

The French trade unions who are protesting against new labour reforms have called for strikes to take place on 21, 23, and 25th September.

These strikes are set to cause disruptions to air, sea, and ground transportation which could result in a knock-on-effect in Spain and affecting UK holidaymakers.

A warning has been issued by the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office who have said that serious disruptions to transportation services could take place during the planned strike action. They have advised for those travelling on those dates to speak to their travel agent or transport provider.

French Air Traffic Control Strikes Could Cause Delays For UK Holidaymakers

Airlines including Ryanair have called on the European Commission and the French government to sort out a resolution and avoid further strike action which is costing the travel industry millions of pounds.

A source from a leading travel agent has told In2town Travel Magazine that their customers are getting fed up with all the different strike action. Our source explained that their customers are getting very concerned that their holiday may not take place or will be cut short.

Those looking to book a holiday abroad are being put off with all the strike action with some choosing to stay in the UK instead.

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By Timothy Ellis


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