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Drunk Passengers Arrested On Ryanair Flight From Manchester To Tenerife

  • One Passenger refused to put out their cigarette during the flight
  • The Captain was forced to shorten his flight to Tenerife
  • Local police were waiting at Tenerife Airport to escort drunken passengers off the flight


Passengers flying on a Ryanair flight from Manchester to Tenerife on Thursday were shocked after a group of drunken passengers misbehaved during the flight. Police were forced to remove the group of drunken passengers when they landed in Tenerife around 7 pm on 24th May 2018.

The problems started midway through the flight when an altercation started after one of the passengers refused to put out a cigarette he was smoking. 

The cabin crew notified the Captain on the FR4332 flight from Manchester that the drunken passengers would not calm down. Due to the disruptive behaviour and concerns of the safety of the other passengers, the Captain was forced to shorten the flight to Tenerife and request the police to meet the flight once it had landed.

Ryanair issued a statement of the incident which read: “The crew of this flight… requested police assistance upon arrival after a number of individuals became disruptive in-flight.

drunken passengers onboard tenerife flight

Some passengers on the flight from Manchester have congratulated the cabin crew on how they handled the situation. Other passengers have called for alcohol to be banned from all Ryanair flights. One passenger who was disgusted with group’s behaviour has called for a life-long ban for the group of passengers who were escorted off the flight.

Passengers on the Ryanair flight have said they hope the group of passengers will not be on their flight home.

By Nigel Ward






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