Couple Give Up Their Jobs To Travel Around Europe In An Old Van

A couple who are encouraging people to follow their dreams did just that by giving up their jobs to travel around Europe in an old converted van.

Last year, marketing manager Marion Henry and civil engineer Florian Fradet, both 25, decided to pack in their jobs and use their savings to buy an old Ford Transit van and convert it into a mobile home.  

Over the course of six months the couple spent just under £4,000 turning the old van which has been named as ‘The Travelling Shed’ into a home away from home. Now, the couple who turned their backs on their nine-to-five jobs are travelling around Europe where they have already visited Switzerland, the South of France, England, Germany, Austria and Slovenia.

So far, Marion Henry and Florian Fradet who have taken their dog Lewis and Cat Sacha along for the ride have travelled 26,000 miles but plan to travel a lot more. The adventures couple plan to visit Croatia and Italy before returning to France in September.

Florian Fradet, who said living in the Van is just like living in a house but smaller explained: ‘Living in a van is like living in a house. We have to cook, to tidy the van, to take the dog for a walk etcetera.

‘The feeling when you wake up in new places every day is priceless. We have something new each day and we love it.’

The couple who have said they don’t miss their nine-to-five jobs love their new life where they wake up each morning at 8am and enjoy activities which include hiking, paddling, swimming or chilling.

Marion said that she’d encourage anyone considering packing up their life and seeing the world not to hold back.

‘It’s a fantastic adventure,’ she said.

‘Don’t be afraid to quit your job and buy a campervan. We can decide each day what we do, and we can change when we want to. We can adapt our plans depending on the weather that day, or what kind of mood we’re in. The freedom is the best part.

‘You have just to be aware that it’s not easy every day. You still have bad days just like in normal life.’

The couple who share they adventures on their travelling shed blog have said they look forward to the many exciting times ahead.

By Tim Ellis