Sunday, May 22, 2022

Brits Choose Holidays Based On Cheap Deals According To New Survey

Cheap Deals Come Out Top, Closely Followed By Local Attractions & Personal Recommendations

A recent survey conducted by Citybase Apartments has revealed that cheap deals are the number one influencing factor on Brits choosing a holiday destination, with the local attractions and personal recommendations closely following.

The UK’s serviced apartment specialists recently surveyed 2,000 Brits in a bid to understand the factors which have the most influence behind their holiday destination choices, asking the simple question of ‘what is it that has the most influence upon your choice of holiday destination?’

The results highlight that tourists are still looking for the very best deals and discounts, with 26.3% of respondents stating that cheat deals and discounts are the major deciding factor when considering holiday destinations, and with a move away from high-street travel agents towards an increasing number booking DIY trips online, this doesn’t come as a surprise. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware that there are great deals available, if you know when and where to look, and, as such, are actively seeking these out.

Closely following cheap deals, however, comes the local attractions available to tourists, with 24.2% of respondents highlighting the importance of day trips and activities. This strengthens the argument that tourists are looking for so much more than simple a ‘Brits Abroad’ style holiday filled with booze and beaches! As a nation, we’re increasingly wanting to soak up the culture and local attractions in other countries and it’s great to see this standing as such an influential factor over the choice of destination.

A personal recommendation of a destination by friends and family was outlined as the most influential factor for 19.2% of respondents, whilst online reviews on TripAdvisor and similar accounted for 17.9% of answers.

Beyond this, the language spoken in a country is the most important factor for 5.7% and a recommendation by a travel agent for just 3.8%, highlighting the fact that these are no longer utilised in the way which they once were. The cause of this, however, is likely the move towards online bookings within the travel industry, with one source even predicting last year that the high-street travel agent will have disappeared by 2021.

As recently as 10 years ago, a reported 57% of holidaymakers booked their trips at their local travel agency, however that figure now stands at less than 19%.

Victoria Jackson, Marketing and Communications Manager at Citybase Apartments, commented on the results, stating, “The results of the survey highlight the move away from the use of high-street travel agencies by British travellers, further strengthening reports which were released in 2016 which predicted that almost all bookings will be made online within five years. As holidaymakers spend a larger amount of time searching for their own deals, they’re becoming increasingly aware that great deals and discounts do exist and are actively seeking these out.

“Holidaymakers are backing up these online deals with detailed research into destinations and the local attractions on offer, as well as trusting both personal recommendations and online reviews from TripAdvisor and similar over that of a high-street travel agent.

“We’re seeing a real shift within the travel industry at the moment and this latest piece of research somewhat backs up previous predictions and the boom of the online space and the importance for traditional travel and tour operators to get themselves trading online.”


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