Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Brian McFadden Ex-Wife Kerry Katona Fined For Term Time Holiday

East Sussex Council Fine Kerry Katona For Children Missing School

National treasure Kerry Katona has been issued with a £240 fine after her children were taken out of school for a family holiday in Barbados. The Atomic Kitten singer like thousands of other parents received the fine for failing to ask or be given permission to take her children out of school for a holiday.



Although Kerry Katona received the fine from East Sussex Council, the singer has stated it was not her decision to take the children on holiday and instead it was down to ex-husband and ex-Westlife singer Brian McFadden. Kerry Katona ex-husband took Molly, 15, and Lilly, 14, on holiday without getting the permission needed from his daughter’s school.

A spokesman for Kerry Katona said the fine has now been paid for the trip which took place between February 20th and 24th this year.

According to a representative for Kerry Katona, as far as she was concerned Brian McFadden had been in contact with the school and informed them of the holiday to the Barbados.

kerrykatonafinedKerry took to social media to put the record straight, writing: ‘Just to clear this whole thing regards to the children going away on holiday in February this was not me.

‘Their dad took them away to Barbados. The matter has now been sorted.’

A spokesman for East Sussex Council has responded to the matter by releasing a statement which said: “We have been told by her solicitors that she is going to pay the fine but we have not received it yet. Her solicitors have told us there is a cheque in the post.’

Kerry Katona has received support from parents who are shocked the government give parents fines while trying to give their children an affordable holiday.

By Diane Wells


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