Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Benidorm Holidaymakers Celebrate Getting More For Their Pound With The Euro

Holidaymakers visiting Benidorm have more reason to celebrate this summer, not only has Joyful Joyful got a new member in the form of Emma from one of the best acts in Benidorm, Deb N Her, but now the pound has hit its highest against the euro since 2008. This means Benidorm has become so cheap, visitors to Benidorm can get more for their money.

With the European Central Bank cutting interest rates from 1% to 0.75% and with the Eurozone debt crisis, the pound has become strong giving people visiting Benidorm great value for their pound which makes a nice change.

Some places in Benidorm are now offering holidaymakers 1.26 euros to the pound and this is also happening in some parts of the UK as well which is great news for holidaymakers.

Although the great deals people are getting for their money exchange, travel agents are taking full advantage and have been increasing their holiday prices for Benidorm. In the past week alone, First Choice and Thomson have increased the cost of a two week holiday to Benidorm departing on the 1st of August.

Normally a last minute holiday would come down in price but with more and more people taking full advantage of the great value they are getting for their money with the euro, travel companies are increasing their last minute holiday packages to grab even more money off the honest holidaymaker.

‘Travel Agents Put Up Prices Of Last Minute Holidays’

One travel agent in Lincolnshire who did not want to be named admitted that prices for last minute holidays have gone up in price instead of the normal trend of coming down in price, and she put the blame down to bosses at the top who were cashing In on the strong pound against the euro.

She said: “If you look at none euro countries and look at the prices of last minute deals you will see you can grab yourself a bargain, but if you look at prices for Eurozone countries then you will see the prices for last minute deals have either stayed the same price or gone up.”

It seems if you have already paid for your holiday then you are going to see your money stretch even further but if you are looking for a last minute deal from a high street travel agent then you could be out of luck.


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