Sunday, May 22, 2022

Barbados Holiday Makers disgusted with Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook has shown once more why more and more holidaymakers are turning there back on the High Street travel agent. A couple who were looking forward to their romantic holiday to Barbados were humiliated in front of a planeload of passengers after being told they could not go on their holiday after claims were made they had not paid for their holiday.

The couple that had booked their holiday with Thomas Cook had been looking forward to their holiday to Barbados, which cost them £4,934 but were devastated when they were told on the plane that they had not paid for their holiday and were asked to leave the plane.


According to the airline staff, Thomas Cook had informed them that the couple had not paid for their holiday and they wanted them off the plane. After the two passengers tried to explain that they had paid for the holiday, they were escorted off the plane as the airline crew explained they were following orders from Thomas Cook.

The two passengers were shocked and angry at the embarrassment that had been caused to them and after speaking to Thomas Cook, the travel firm confirmed that it was a mistake and they had infact paid for their holiday.

As a result of being taken off their flight the couple missed a day off their holiday after Thomas Cook agreed to fly them out 24 hours later. 

The couple were told their tickets were issued ‘earlier than they should have been’ and hence were invalidated.

The couple were shocked that no proper apology was made and were insulted with the £378 compensation that was offered for the lost day of their holiday and a £250 voucher against any future holidays.


This shows once again why we need a proper ombudsman to tackle these travel agents who treat their customers in such a bad way.


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