Wednesday, May 25, 2022

All Inclusive Holidays May Not Save You A Great Deal Of Money

All-inclusive have become the rage at the moment. More holiday companies are now selling All-inclusive holidays at the annoyance to local bars, restaurants and cafes in popular holiday resorts. However according to research, all-inclusive holidays may not be saving you as much money as you think.

Research found that in some European destinations holidaymakers could save money by booking a B & B or self catering holiday and eating out.

It was found that the biggest saving was in Portugal’s Algarve, where you could save £648 per couple by booking a B&B holiday instead of an all-inclusive holiday. In2town Travel Magazine compared popular European destinations and found that in the Algarve, you would be paying £1,505 for the cheapest all-inclusive holiday for two people for one week where if you went for a hotel with B&B you would be paying £857 which is £648 less.

According to research, 3.5 million all-inclusive holidaymakers admitted that they were fed up with the same meals and even though they paid for the all-inclusive option, they went out to restaurants and cafes to have a change.

Mark Ward from In2town Travel Magazine said: “We found that the All Inclusive route is not always cheaper. In some destinations like the Algarve and Spanish Costas where restaurant prices have fallen dramatically, it may be cheaper to book a B&B package and eat out each day.”

All-inclusive holidays have caused a large number of restaurants, bars and cafes to go bust. However, according to recent research, self-catering holidays are becoming popular again

By Diane Walker


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