Tuesday, May 24, 2022

66% of Brits Not Willing to Travel More Than Three Hours for a Wedding

  • August is the most popular month for a UK wedding
    • 1 in 3 Brits considers travel time as a key factor for RSVP
    • Less than half would travel three hours for their child’s wedding

According to new research which was commissioned by HolidayAutos, us Brits are not willing to travel that far when it comes to a wedding.

The research looked at wedding travel trends in the UK. August is the most popular month in the UK for weddings as we chase a sun-kissed day, with two in three UK weddings taking place in the height of summer. But attending a wedding takes considerable time, including travel and days off work which can be off-putting to guests.

According to the research, almost a third (30%) of those asked said that travel time was a factor when considering whether to attend a wedding. One in four (23%) Brits would turn down a wedding invite if the location is difficult to reach, and 16% said they often simply don’t have transportation. Travel is such a consideration, in fact, that only 51% of those asked said they would travel three hours to attend the wedding of their sibling and even less (49%) would travel three hours for their child’s wedding.

So, how can we Brits make the long wedding journey worth it? According to travel experts, the solution is to expand it and turn it into a “staycation”.


Holidaying in the UK is a great way to discover what the local area has to offer and give yourself a well-deserved break. In fact, 45% of those asked in the survey said they would consider visiting a local beach or holiday spot as part of their trip, and 41% said they would visit a local heritage site or area of outstanding beauty.



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